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Teleirc v1.3: Developers map out next release

On Saturday, February 2nd, 2019, the Teleirc community in Rochester, NY held the first developers’ meeting. Starting this month, weekly meetings are held to discuss blocking issues and plan ahead for the future of the project. Current project lead Justin W. Flory met with Tim Zabel and Nic Hartley to finish planning the v1.3 milestone for Teleirc. Notably, this marks the next feature-release of Teleirc since v1.2 in October 2018.

Read on to learn more about what’s coming in Teleirc v1.3.

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Gotta Badge ‘Em All: Telegraphist

Telegraphist: What is it?

Telegraphist badge, for mapping names to packages

“You mapped an upstream project to a Fedora package on release-monitoring.org

The Telegraphist badge is categorized as a “Quality [Assurance] Badge” and is defined in this Trac ticket. But what’s the real scoop behind the Telegraphist badge?

In short, Telegraphist is awarded to Fedora contributors and users who map the names of their favorite upstream projects to packages available in Fedora. This makes it easier for developers and users to monitor updates on their favorite packages, and to make sure that new versions of upstream software are packaged and made available in Fedora. The software backing this site is called Anitya, and you can use it now on release-monitoring.org! The original announcement for this site was made by Ralph Bean on the developers mailing list in February 2015.

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