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Sphinx docs authors: Meet an opinionated quickstart

Do you write documentation with the Sphinx tool chain? Do you want to encourage more people to write Sphinx documentation in a distributed organization, but worry about maintaining compatible workflows? Introducing sphinx-docs-opinionated-quickstart, a template repository with an opinionated configuration of ReStructuredText documentation with Travis CI testing and readthedocs.org publishing.

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HFOSS: Smoke test an XO laptop

XO laptop used by the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program

The XO laptop deployed by the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program

For the next homework assignment in my Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software Development (HFOSS) course, we were tasked with running a smoke test of the XO laptops we are assigned for class. Some of the laptops are notoriously more broken than others. Seeing as how some of these date to around ten years ago, it’s easy to understand how they have been become more defunct over the years.

Part of my assignment was to run some basic tests and practices on my XO laptop to make sure it would be capable for most core functionalities. This article will serve as my step-by-step smoke test report on my XO laptop, which I have affectionately named Hedron.

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