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Analyzing Fedora’s impact at FOSDEM and beyond

FOSDEM conference goers in Brussels, Belgium

Conference goers attend the FOSDEM conference in Brussels, Belgium.

Yesterday, Fedora contributor and CommOps team member Bee Padalkar published an article on her blog about measuring the impact of Fedora’s participation at the FOSDEM conference in Europe.

Looking at FOSDEM

In her analysis, Bee looked at people who scanned the FOSDEM badges for 2014, 2015, 2016. Leveraging tools like fedmsg, she was able to draw conclusive evidence of how people who scanned the badge began contributing for the first time or started contributing more than before the conference. The statistics are fascinating and the analysis is comprehensive in how it measures contributions. It’s worth the full time to read how we’re making an impact at conferences!

Looking ahead

The other awesome factor of this is that these kinds of reports are extendable to other events in the world of Fedora. Other Ambassadors can use tools like Fedora Badges and track metrics of how they impact and affect the people they engage with at conferences and hackathons. I’m hoping for us to be able to use these kinds of analytics for the past event at BrickHack 2016 that I helped organize as an Ambassador. Stay tuned for an event report and plenty more on the Community Blog with details about BrickHack.

Read all about it!

Read the full analysis on her blog!

2015 – My Year in Review

I originally began drafting this post 900 miles away from my current location. It was an hour until the New Year and I was trying to put together a rough outline of the things that made 2015 such an incredible year for me. However, for reasons I don’t really know, I never followed up on finishing this draft. So now, I’d like to present my Year in Review post looking at my 2015.

My Year in Review

With an hour left until the New Year, there never seemed a better time to begin writing my Year in Review article. While it is a stereotypical kind of thing to do, I also think it’s a great opportunity to reflect on the gifts, changes, and special occasions that this past year has presented to me. 2015 is special to me in many ways because it marks a significant milestone in my life of moving away from home and beginning my journey into full adulthood.

There are many important and special people in my life that have made this year incredible, and I want to reflect and make note of this.

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Fedora Elections 2015: Be informed!

Fedora Elections are the time to impact the Project

Fedora Elections are the time to impact the Project. Source: christoph-wickert.de

Today, the Fedora Elections for December 2015 officially began at 00:00 UTC. The voting period will be open from now until December 14th, 2015, at 23:59 UTC. Fedora is a community-driven project, and voting is one of the greatest ways you can have an impact in how Fedora runs, either as a user or a contributor. Your vote is powerful, and you should be informed before casting your vote!

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Fedora CommOps – What I’m working on

I’m trying to get into better habits about blogging on a semi-regular basis, as it’s a good way for me to recap about everything going on around me and to help remember how I’m spending my time.

CommOps in Retrospect

Over the past few months, I have worked closely with the Fedora Community Operations (CommOps) team on a variety of tasks and goals as part of our mission to improve community infrastructure within the Fedora Project. This is certainly a broad and demanding goal, but broken into smaller duties, it is much easier to take on and slowly work towards. Several members of the team specialize in different areas, such as Ralph and Bee who work more on numerical-oriented tasks (i.e. metrics and improving software evaluating our community), Remy who (more or less) does it all, and then me focusing on improving areas of communication and messaging across the Project. Everything is still in early stages of progress, but it’s exciting and moving quickly, and I hope to share a bit more about what I’ve been working on.

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