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How to automatically scale Kubernetes with Horizontal Pod Autoscaling

Scale is a critical part of how we develop applications in today’s world of infrastructure. Now, containers and container orchestration like Docker and Kubernetes make it easier to think about scale. One of the “magical” things about The potential of Kubernetes is fully realized when you have a sudden increase in load, your infrastructure scales up and grows to accommodate. How does this work? With Horizontal Pod Autoscaling, Kubernetes adds more pods when you have more load and drops them once things return to normal.

This article covers Horizontal Pod Autoscaling, what it is, and how to try it out with the Kubernetes guestbook example. By the end of this article, you will…

  • Understand what Horizontal Pod Autoscaling (HPA) is
  • Be able to create an HPA in Kubernetes
  • Create an HPA for the Guestbook and watch it work with Siege

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Netflix and Linux: The First 60 Seconds

Netflix and Linux, friends at last

Netflix and Linux may not agree on the desktop, but they do in the cloud. Source: blockless.com

Netflix, Linux, and 60 seconds

While they have their differences on the desktop, there is one place where Netflix and Linux get along beautifully: the cloud. Netflix system administrator Brendan Gregg recently published an article on the Netflix blog about what their administrators do in the first 60 seconds when analyzing performance. You should give it a read!