HFOSS: Double bugfix

This article is a further addition to the series of blog posts for my Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software Development course at RIT. For this week’s homework, we are tasked with finding an open source project, looking at known bugs or finding new ones, and submitting a bugfix. I focused on two projects to begin with: møte and FOSSProfiles.

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WordPress Cron, CloudFlare, and SSL

Edit: I haven’t tried this in a while, but this is one of my most popular blog posts. If you try this and it works, please consider leaving a comment and let me know if anything can be improved. Thanks!

Thanks to the power of LetsEncrypt, I recently moved most of my sites over to using HTTPS, or in other words, SSL. I also use CloudFlare for managing most of my sites as well. What I wasn’t fully aware of was that CloudFlare also limits scripts to increase performance (among other things). This broke WordPress cron, without my knowledge! How does one fix this issue?

WordPress cron, CloudFlare, and SSL are not always friends

CloudFlare is a service that aims to make websites faster and more secure.

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