Inspired by Mel Chua’s mission statement, I decided to write one of my own. My mission statement is an expression of my own values and ideals as a human. It is subjective in nature. It is written as much for me as it is for others.

It will surely evolve and change over time as I evolve and change. It is a living record of my own values and perspectives.

My mission

Above all, I recognize I am human. I am flawed by design. I am imperfect. I believe our imperfections provide us a way to learn and develop ourselves further, if we allow mistakes to teach us. As a human, I recognize I my own impermanence. Time is infinite but I am not.

I believe the relationships we form in life are the cornerstone of our existence. My perspective is shaped by my interpretation of my experiences and the people who interact with me in my life. I recognize relationships are also impermanent, but what they impart on us can be permanent.

I believe trust is an essential component of developing trustworthy solutions. I believe trust is built off of transparency and openness. I aspire to live as transparently and as openly as society affords me to. I aim to build transparency, openness, and trust into my personal and professional relationships.

I am appreciative and full of gratitude for the opportunities that have occurred to me. I am thankful to have gone the places I have been and for the people who have shown me a perspective of selflessness. I am fortunate to receive and accept love from others.

Despite my own hardships and difficulties faced in life, I recognize the privilege afforded to me as a straight, white male. I acknowledge some opportunities may appear for me based on my privilege. I intend to use my privilege for good and to challenge the status quo rather than meet it. I recognize sometimes the best intentions are in need of redemption; thus I strive to always remain patient, calm, and reflective if my intentions are pointed out to have a different effect than I intended.

I acknowledge that I am not always right, but I also recognize not everyone agrees on what is right. I understand my own voice can be powerful and great power comes with great responsibility.

I find great solace in being an introvert. I reluctantly acknowledge that occasionally pushing myself to be an extrovert is something I must do. I admit that the anxious preconceptions are often overcome with great appreciation and gratitude. I accept that sometimes it is not.

I believe a binary is a difficult way to see a world designed more on a spectrum.

The ability to listen is the ability to learn. The ability to learn is the ability to grow.

I think love may not always prevail and good may not always triumph evil. But I believe a life spent in love is better than a life ended in regret.

I find beauty in moments often left behind in memory. I aspire to share this beauty with others.

The only constant in life is the breath.

I believe we sometimes take too much for granted. I suspect a societal cataclysmic event will occur in my lifetime.

My dream is to leave the world better than I found it.