Justin is a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology majoring in Networking and Systems Administration. He is currently a contributor to the Fedora Project. In Fedora, Justin is the editor-in-chief of the Fedora Magazine, the lead of the Community Operations team, and a member of the Diversity Team. He began contributing to Fedora in September 2015.

Justin first experienced open source in the Minecraft multiplayer community beginning in 2011. His first open source project was SpigotMC where he began contributing in 2014. He first began using Linux (and Fedora) in December 2013. Most of his experience with Linux is as both a computer science student and a writer.

At his university, Justin is the president of his local Linux Users Group, RITlug, a student captain of the [email protected] program, and a member of the Women in Computing @ RIT program. He is also an avid fan of traveling.